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David was born of second generation Missionaries, in Mussoorie one of the 6 Hills Stations, tucked up against the panorama of the Himalayas in Northern India. He attributes these exotic beginnings as a catalyst for what was to become a very adventurous life. David feels strongly that all his experiences are somehow reflected in his work, much less his personality.

Having lived in East Africa now for 40 years, Kenya is where he calls home today. Africa has for many years been David’s inspiration. Being an avid outdoorsman all of his life, he has gained an intimate knowledge of his subjects and does his utmost to create a reflection of the character and life of the various animals he sculpts. No task is too small for David as his challenge in each sculpture he produces is to take cold, hard heavy metal, and create an animal that looks alive and light on its feet. David has unwittingly fulfilled an apprenticeship suggested by Leonardo da Vinci 400 years previously, “in order to create, you must know your subject as if you made it yourself.”

Those individuals, who have acquired Schaefer Sculptures, do so because they recognize the qualities of artistic integrity and meticulous workmanship. In the years to come the value of a “Schaefer” will further increase their worth to the collector.

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